Tuesday, October 12, 2010

campfire celebration

 I suppose you can tell from the blogging break I took that we were just having too much fun with Kyle and Vanessa (and baby) being home to sit down and load photos (I even got to squeeze in a maternity shoot!).

We did, however, make time for a bonfire one night! 
Family and friends came over to roast hot dogs, make smores and eat smores cupcakes--and to offer hugs, love and congratulations to the growing Canadian Chupp family:)
 we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather...or more wonderful people!
 my mom, who's normally the ultimate cleaner-outer, went into the attic and got some of kyle's old baby clothes to hang up
 and even these cool Nike shoes:)
 nessa and the little one

a happy hot dog roaster and her ketchup (that's Kay Chupp if you haven't heard the joke already!)
 Great to see all our loving grandparents!

 and always happy to hug my Saree!
cute campfire cousins
 some fun gifts: a book and stuffed animal (celebrating Spot's 30th anniversary) and my mom's favorite outfit Kyle used to wear (washed and ready for the new Chupp)

What a fun visit (that went by way too fast)!