Saturday, June 26, 2010

print premiere

getting mail as a married couple is fun--we're both still getting used to the way our names look together...but we like it:)
so when we got some more mail from The Contemporary (they already sent us complimentary memberships for the year!), we were excited (we usually just get junk mail or free delivery coupons from the restaurant right below us).
then when we flipped to the last page (Event Rental info), we got really excited! does that lovely couple look familiar to you? yep, that's us! it's the picture matt altmix took when we first laid eyes on each other the day of our wedding--how neat!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sock monkeys

Last night, our little friend Daniel came to visit and got his own new little friend (couldn't help myself, the kid needed a sock monkey:)

He came just for a quick overnight stay before boarding his first plane before sunrise to go see more friends and family in North Dakota. His mom, Michelle, got to come and hang out too.
He's a funny little mister now, making faces and surprising himself by the different sounds coming out of his mouth. He told me all about his car trip from Alabama. I thought he might be nervous around his life-size friend, but he was quite content upon their meeting...just as he was at 4:30 this morning (thank goodness)!
A little bath time before bed

Great to see you guys! And we have your car hostage, so you'll have to visit a little again upon the return flight:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the products, or produce, of work in the summer sun

"Pull a row" and "drop some corn" are just two of the new phrases Bryan has learned this year. (And trust that with all the deer we have around, we say "drop more corn" all the time.) While living not too far from my parents, we've enjoyed a couple Sunday afternoons with them in Marietta workin' the ground, awaiting great harvest.
master weeder
bell pepper surprise--first "fruit" of the year!
the greenest thumb we know stopped by just to brag about the fact that he's been eating his own tomato sandwiches for two days now--we love you pawpaw, but we wish our plants grew like yours always do!
romantic fruit and vegetable find. yes, it's only natural:)
one of the joys of summer and gardening: pulling some food off the vine and having a fresh, delicious snack!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

come on and take a free ride

we saw other people biking; we share their wind
we passed two people, legs crossed, meditating; we share their air
we passed sectioned gardens flowering and growing; we share their passion

we cycled around unique art; we understand the artist's struggle
we passed two people throwing their dog a Frisbee, someone walking a great dane, a gentleman walking while reading, a woman pushing her baby, a couple watching the sun set on a picnic table, an iron art structure, a family playing golf, squash blossoms and a myriad of other things.

these things going on around us were as free as the wind hitting our faces.

we spent our early evening in Freedom Park.

(please excuse our post ride/workout looks--perhaps the picture should have been taken earlier...but we were enjoying our evening:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

last day, first day

Carly graduated from Tech (with high honor!) and starts her new job at Lockheed today! You want something to be more efficient? She'll tell you how to fix it whether you knew you had a problem or not. She's great at what she does, and I look up to her for it (and not just because she's taller than me).
Congratulations, Carl!
adoring fans
did you think she would graduate in anything but her flip flops?
following in his footsteps
off to take on the world

wishing you all the best on your first day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

two spicy thumbs up!

Tonight, Bryan and I met up with Carly and a gaggle of friends at Piedmont Park for a little Screen on the Green action. And I think most of the evening's fun occurred before the sun went down (especially seeing as "technical difficulties" meant we didn't get to see the end of the movie and the crowds got a little rambunctious). 

After tossing a disc around, one of the highlights included being tossed a free new Spicy chicken sandwich and cow from the Chick-fil-A-ers in the park. Perhaps we are Spicy VIPs like Lauren! And I've had my fair share of all things spicy and I have to say...well done! 
So to wrap up tonight's ratings:
1. fun with family
2. spicy goodness
3. movie madness

And don't forget to come see me tomorrow at Miss Mamie's. Tomorrow night (from 6-9) is one of the First Friday Art Walks on the square in Marietta--just another fun and free event brought to you by the first year of marriage:)