Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the products, or produce, of work in the summer sun

"Pull a row" and "drop some corn" are just two of the new phrases Bryan has learned this year. (And trust that with all the deer we have around, we say "drop more corn" all the time.) While living not too far from my parents, we've enjoyed a couple Sunday afternoons with them in Marietta workin' the ground, awaiting great harvest.
master weeder
bell pepper surprise--first "fruit" of the year!
the greenest thumb we know stopped by just to brag about the fact that he's been eating his own tomato sandwiches for two days now--we love you pawpaw, but we wish our plants grew like yours always do!
romantic fruit and vegetable find. yes, it's only natural:)
one of the joys of summer and gardening: pulling some food off the vine and having a fresh, delicious snack!

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