Wednesday, January 26, 2011

meet miss amelia mae

My new love. my new friend. my new beauty.

Getting to meet my niece on Friday (and of course see Kyle and Vanessa) was such a wonderful experience! I am not a fan of many things instant (coffee, for one), but talk about instant love. She melts my heart! There are so many things about her that I adore already: her kissable lips, chubby cheeks, wonderful smell, mohawk hair, and the way we lock eyes. 

Official report: auntdom is such a wondrous place. And I can only imagine how spoiled this little one will be with four fun aunts! (And for now, Uncle Bryan is enjoying his short stint as "favorite uncle!" He even asked my permission to fall in love with another girl:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

happy snow day!

 Who's ready for a snow day in Atlanta? This guy right here!
 Bryan and I walked to Piedmont Park this morning hearing only the sound of the snow crunching beneath our feet; so unique for downtown living! I was pretty much delighted to see that every store we passed could be shut down without the world coming to an end. (Although our Kroger remains open and this makes for some pretty fun window watching!)

We joined a lot of other kids and kids-at-heart on the hills of the park, and almost every person there had a different kind of sled! (We brought a restaurant size baking pan and trash can lid to the mix.) And everyone kept wishing us a happy snow day as if it were just another holiday on the calendar:)
 that would be a little bed head/sled head, but happy to be playing outside all the same!
and the day really got going once someone let us borrow an actual sled--woohoo! (where are the breaks?!)

We had so much fun, we were almost too exhausted to enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch...almost!

Hope all our Southern friends are enjoying their holiday!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sunshine state of mind

We left snow to arrive in the sun and sand!

The mister and I had a wonderful visit to Clearwater. We saw a lot of friends, spent New Year's Eve with family cosmic bowling in Orlando and even got to do a photo shoot on the beach! Here are a couple pics of us scouting locations:)

You didn't think I could go to the beach without pictures of birds, did you?
Found a really nice secluded spot thanks to Bryan's mom: Sand Key Park.
And Bryan's probably smiling because he knows we're going to Frenchy's to get grouper sandwiches:)
New Years morning in Orlando at Bryan's aunt and uncle's house. Since orange tree limbs from next door were hanging over the fence, that made them ripe for the picking. Don't know if that's the rule or not, but I was excited to have fresh oranges!
And Bryan was excited to show me how to juggle them

the talents of a florida kid

Fun times, for sure! We even brought back a carry-on sack full of leftover pancit and adobo on the plane (Thanks, Tony!)

Oh, and if you are anxious to see a preview pic of the engagement shoot we did on 1.1.11, head on over to the Tin Can blog!