Tuesday, August 30, 2011

morning walk

Even if it's only with myself, a "staff meeting" is a must. I've learned this recently. Depending on whether Saturday is a wedding work day or not, I usually have a Monday Morning Meeting or a Tuesday Tin Can Talk (because alliteration makes it more fun). And sometimes I'm fortunate to be accompanied by my husband...because he loves me...and probably because he's in this business either way. (But to be honest, he's the technical genius behind my artistic eye.)

There are no real rules to the meetings yet. I prefer they are out of the "office" so I can gain a little vitamin D and a change of scenery. And they should probably include coffee. Tasty brunch food is also more than welcome. And sometimes they include a little walkabout time or drive around town to gain a little inspiration. Overall, we usually generate a good list of goals for the week. (Whether these things are always obtainable or whether we always reach them or not is another matter!)

Growing up, I remember my parents starting their own business. I can't imagine going out on this shaky limb with three kids under your wing. Even as an adult,  I find I continue to experience new ways to be thankful for the two people who cared for me and fostered my growth.

So this is just a little post to let you know we're still chugging along and to ask you all to keep our business in your thoughts and prayers. As Bryan and I walked to breakfast this morning the air felt cool and refreshing. And after our juice fast last week, we feel a little renewed ourselves. As we watch kids beginning to fill the campuses around us (go gamecocks!), I picked up a new Agenda for the season and we're ready to get down to business for another year!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a little love

After meeting with a possible new photography client one evening this week, Bryan and I found this little bit of love while walking down the street in the neat little city we call home. If there's one fun thing we've enjoyed about living in Atlanta as we begin our marriage, it's all the little surprises (especially the good ones). This random act of sidewalk art made us pause for one moment to appreciate everything we have.

On the juicing front:

We're going strong! Well, the new and fun part of it is kind of wearing off, but as we conclude day 4 of juicing, we both feel mucho better and feel like our bodies will thank us for the break. I do miss chewing a bit...and the smell of someone's coffee today was taunting, but other than that it's not so bad. You kind of get into a mode. Plus, I have a wonderful husband who gets up before I leave for my three day bakery stint to make me breakfast juice--I've become fond of a morning glass of cabbage and apples, or cabapple juice (like cranapple?).

The funniest thing is that we actually found some strange pleasure in watching some food shows online tonight--go figure!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

renew and reboot

This week, the Sintoses are going to ingest 25 pounds of carrots, 15 lemons, 2 heads of cabbage, 5 bunches of celery, 8 beets, 10 cucumbers and a bushel each of kale and green apples! Intrigued???

With another blog absence, the evidence of our go-go-go-ness is apparent. We've had a busy summer of planting, planning, projects and photography. It's been great! But it's time to slow down just a bit...at least enough to "reboot our systems."  After getting a little inspiration from a neat documentary, Monday morning we planned out a week of good-for-you juices and took off to YDFM for the produce (hence the big box o' greens at the top!). One of the best parts about visiting the farmer's market is that we spent just as much on a week's worth of produce to juice as we do for an average week's worth of groceries!


Two necessary ingredients to keep on hand. We've already learned that if you add an apple and lemon to any juice, it will really "help it out" a bit:)

The classic "mean green" dinner juice! 

Cheers to a cleaner us! (Yes, that means no cupcake eating this week!)