Tuesday, August 23, 2011

renew and reboot

This week, the Sintoses are going to ingest 25 pounds of carrots, 15 lemons, 2 heads of cabbage, 5 bunches of celery, 8 beets, 10 cucumbers and a bushel each of kale and green apples! Intrigued???

With another blog absence, the evidence of our go-go-go-ness is apparent. We've had a busy summer of planting, planning, projects and photography. It's been great! But it's time to slow down just a bit...at least enough to "reboot our systems."  After getting a little inspiration from a neat documentary, Monday morning we planned out a week of good-for-you juices and took off to YDFM for the produce (hence the big box o' greens at the top!). One of the best parts about visiting the farmer's market is that we spent just as much on a week's worth of produce to juice as we do for an average week's worth of groceries!


Two necessary ingredients to keep on hand. We've already learned that if you add an apple and lemon to any juice, it will really "help it out" a bit:)

The classic "mean green" dinner juice! 

Cheers to a cleaner us! (Yes, that means no cupcake eating this week!)

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lauren elizabeth said...
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lauren elizabeth said...

i love you and your juice making :)

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