Tuesday, June 28, 2011

timeless beauty

Where does time fly to? If you know, could you tell me so I can buy a ticket?

As much as I may hate looking back on this month's "blog history" later and not seeing pictures and posts, I don't regret not pulling together entries. Finding a topic has not been the problem---a lot has been going on for us! So many things, in fact, that I chose to, for once, take in these moments and occasions as naturally as possible--as possible for me anyway! 

But before this month slips away, I have to at least let a few pictures hold just a couple memories for me. My beautiful sister got married and tomorrow is her birthday. I hope you've enjoyed every year before this one as much as I have, and I wish you the greatest joys on all of your new years as Mrs. Carly Bush. Love you.

Yes, that's Vanessa showing off why shorts or pants are a great wardrobe accessory for a photographer on a wedding day! She captured beautiful shots of Carly and Andrew getting married on June 3rd! It was a little difficult not to want a camera in my hand, but I knew she would do such a great job that I would be able to be a sister and a matron of honor-what wonderful positions! And since my dress had pockets in it, I guess I couldn't help but grab a couple of iPhone photos.

What a wonderful day and what a beautiful new life they share. Congratulations again to Carly, Andrew AND Lizzy!

(Be sure to check out the wedding photos on Chupp Photography!)

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